160 Million Hectares

of forest land in Canada is certified

Canada has 41%

of the world’s certified forest area.

Just 9.5% of the world’s forests

are independently certified.

Forest Management Certification in Canada

Promote the use of internationally recognized sustainable forest management certification standards in Canada. Third-party certification is the best way to indicate to all stakeholders that we are making positive changes to the way we harvest wood and care for the forests in a way which makes the industry both viable and sustainable.

  • Certification of Forest Management Practices

    Certification means verifying that practices are being carried out in a way that meets accepted environmental, social and economic criteria for responsible forestry.  The standards for good forest management practices are reviewed regularly and evolve with changing expectations about what sustainable forest management entails.

  • Statistics on Certification in Canada

    Reports and graphs detailing the certification of forest management practices in Canada, and Canadian certification in the global context, are found here

  • Certification Map of Canada

    Forests in Canada where the forest management practices are certified are mapped, and links to further information about the certificates provided.

  • Buyer’s Corner

    Looking for forest products from well-managed sources where the forestry practices are certified?  You’ve come to the right place.  

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