Programs used in Canada

Common Elements

The CSA, FSC, and SFI standards for forest management practices are reviewed regularly and evolve with changing expectations about what sustainable forest management entails.

They share many common elements, including requirements for:

  • Conservation of biological diversity
  • Maintenance of wildlife habitat and species diversity
  • Protection and/or maintenance of special sites (biological and cultural)
  • Maintenance of soil and water resources
  • Ensuring harvest levels are sustainable, and harvested areas are reforested
  • Protection of forestlands from deforestation and conversion to other uses
  • Aboriginal rights and involvement
  • Public disclosure
  • Compliance with laws, including legal harvesting

The broader programs run by FSC, SFI, and CSA in partnership with PEFC, also include:

  • Chain of custody certification
  • Labels for products (for use with a certified chain of custody)
  • Balanced decision-making processes
  • Audits by independent third-parties.