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2019 Year-end Statistics

The information on this page represents a “snapshot in time” taken on the date shown below the heading. Changes to certificates take time to be communicated from certification bodies to the standards, then be reflected in this data. Corrections are welcome and discrepancies should be reported to the appropriate standard (CSA, FSC or SFI) for resolution.

Forest Management Certifications – Detailed Report : 2019 Yearend SFM Certification Detailed Report

Forest Management Certifications – Summary Report : 2019 Yearend SFM Certification Summary Report

Forest Management Certifications – All Statistics:Slides_2019 Yearend Certification Stats 2020-02-24 Final

SFM Certification in Canada 2000 to 2019  

  • There are 168 million hectares where forestry practices are certified under one or more of the three certification programs used in Canada
  • The forestry practices in the vast majority of the forests in which forestry operations can occur are now certified

SFM Certification in Canada 2000 to 2019, by Standard

FPAC Members Contribution to Forest Management Certification in Canada

  • FPAC members account for 95 million hectares of forests where the practices are certified (including the double counting of areas certified to more than one standard) 

Canada’s Forest Management Certification in the Global Context

  • Canada has the largest area of forests where the practices are third-party independently certified (CSA, FSC, SFI) in the world.

Canada’s Contribution to Worldwide FSC and PEFC Certifications

  • 42% of the PEFC endorsed certifications world-wide (CSA and SFI), and 25% of the FSC certifications world-wide (Maritime, Boreal, British Columbia regional standards and draft Great Lakes St. Lawrence standard), are in Canada.

SFM Certification in Canada – 2019 Year End

Standard Used Acronym Area Certified (hectares)
Canadian Standards Association CSA 12,948,094
Forest Stewardship Council FSC 49,961,807
Sustainable Forestry Initiative SFI 124,163,964
Total Certified for all SFM Combined:
(including areas double counted)
Net Area Certified:
(double counting removed)